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Posts From August, 2013

Live Dealer Play - Is it live or is it…?

Added: August 26, 2013

It can be live. Online casinos with live dealers, that is. You already know all about “real casinos” where you walk in and there are live dealers at the game tables offering up a welcome smile. But how about online casinos? Are there any other options aside from the virtual card games? Actually, yes there are. Some innovative online casinos offer the option of playing online with LIVE Dealers. And, this could turn out to be the next big thing in online casinos.

What is a live dealer casino? A live dealer casino is pretty much what it sounds like ...

Party Casino Makes Headline News with Mobile Casino App

Added: August 19, 2013

Do you need any more evidence that mobile online casinos’ are the next big thing with online gambling? Here, check this out. In case you missed it, Party Casino made headline news just recently with their mobile casino app.

The details are fascinating and encouraging for all online gamblers who prefer to reach for their Smartphone instead of traipsing over to a land based casino. Who knows, one day you might be telling your grandkids stories about how you used actually stop what you were doing, and get in the car, bus or train and actually travel to get to ...

Case Study: Online Casinos and Mobile Apps

Added: August 12, 2013

As if the incredible rise in the popularity of online casinos wasn’t enough, now there are more and more people who prefer to play on the go. In other words, they prefer to access their favorite online casino through the devices they already carry with them, their Iphone, their Ipad, or Android device.

Interestingly, here is a real world case study that clearly illustrates how accessing an online casino through a mobile device can actually be hugely profitable. This story originates in London, U.K. There, a certain Lynn Y. found herself back in the hospital, yet again. You ...

Stand back, a tidal wave is approaching the U.S.

Added: August 6, 2013

Actually, perhaps a better analogy is like sharks in the water and the fishing boat first mate throws a bucket of cut up fish in the water. The water suddenly comes alive as the sharks pounce. It becomes a feeding frenzy. Interestingly, that’s what the online gambling arena is starting to look like in the United States.

The most recent example of this feeding frenzy comes to us from the state of New Jersey. You may be aware that New Jersey is one of the few states to have actually passed laws allowing some sort of online gambling. The ...