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Posts From August, 2015

Lines Are Blurring In Online Gambling World

Added: August 31, 2015

Call it something like the Perfect Storm if you want. You cannot escape the feeling that seemingly everything is coming together at exactly the right time. Exactly the right time to usher in a new era of online gambling and online sports betting. Remember this time and remember it well. You may look back from the future a few years from now and look at what is going on right now as the dark ages of online gambling.

Here’s the latest that should get you excited about the state of online casino action in the near future. You can ...

Online Casinos Threatened By Google

Added: August 24, 2015

Of course you are well aware of the technology behemoth that is Google. So when Google makes a move, oftentimes there are repercussions that follow. Sort of like when the leader of the pack makes a move, pretty much everyone has to follow along.

So what is going on with Google that has online casino operators scrambling to catch up? Not all of them, mind you. But certainly enough online casino operators are affected that this new change could, at least in the short time, completely rewrite the rules on online casino site rankings.

In so many words, Google has ...

Moving Forward With Online Casinos In The U.S.

Added: August 17, 2015

Oddly, this bit of welcome news come from a state not so much in the news, at least concerning online gambling and online casino action. Would you believe that this is happening in the state of Alabama? Yes, that’s right, Alabama. Not so much a hotbed of gambling activity to be sure. Yet that may not even matter since early signs are pointing to more proactive action in Alabama.

Consider what only recently just happened in the Alabama legislature. You see, in the Alabama legislature there is a committee named the Senate Tourism and Marketing Committee. Get this: the ...

Roundabout Endorsement Of Online Gambling

Added: August 10, 2015

In the United States. In the, shall we say, conservative section of the country that makes up the Midwest no less. Actually, from within the City of Chicago no less. Following is what this is all about:

As you know, quite suddenly the whole topic of online gambling and online casino action has become a hot button topic. Perhaps it is due to the upcoming 2016 Presidential election. Perhaps it is only because the time is right. For whatever reason or perhaps for no reason at all the City of Chicago has, in so many words endorsed the whole concept ...

Competition Heating Up For Online Casinos

Added: August 3, 2015

At least that is one conclusion you could draw from the latest happenings over in New Jersey. Recall that New Jersey is one of the very states in the United States that actually has some form of legalized online casino action available. So when word comes out that there is yet another new online casino about to open their virtual doors, well that could be a sign. A sign of a couple of things.

First the fact that there is another online gambling operator vying to get a piece of the New Jersey online casino action most likely is a ...