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Posts From March, 2017

Unfair Competition In Online Gambling?

Added: March 27, 2017

There is a relatively new question that is making its way in and around the online gambling world. The question is about competition or more to the point, what could best be described as “fair competition”. Following is what this is all about.

You are certainly aware of the incredible advances in technology over the past few decades. One such advance that is turning heads all over the online gambling world is that of so-called artificial intelligence. In other words, will there come a day when the computers and more importantly the software behind your favorite online casino games reach ...

New Impetus For Legal Online Gambling

Added: March 20, 2017

Of course you know full well that along with a new year and a new President there looks to be a new optimism in many state legislatures around the U.S. regarding action on legalizing online gambling. One such state is Pennsylvania. There, Pennsylvania State Senator Jay Costa makes it quite clear that this time around he strongly believes online gambling legalization will finally pass all the hurdles and become the law of the land.

You may well recall that the Pennsylvania House of Representatives twice passed such legislation. Interestingly, the House passed the legislation once on its own and ...

Interesting Approach To Legalize Online Gambling

Added: March 13, 2017

If you have been paying attention, you must have noticed that since the New Year rolled around, a number of states around the country have clearly decided to take on the issue of legal online casino action. Yet that being said, none of them have attempted to go about it in the manner that a rather forward thinking group of Representatives are attempting.

Here is what this is all about. Note that this is taking place in the state of New Hampshire of all places, not exactly the hotbed of online gambling site controversy to be sure. Anyway, you may ...

Would You Believe Yet Another State Looks To Legal Online Gambling?

Added: March 6, 2017

Perhaps by this point in time the fact that another state is seriously considering the legalization of online gambling and online casino action should not be so surprising. After all, it seems like every few weeks or so another story on the major media outlets comes out about the unprecedented success of the legal online casinos in New Jersey. At the same time, don’t lose sight of the fact that there is a new administration at the federal level that seems determined to return the U.S. to prosperity no matter what. Add to that the very real fact ...