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Playing for Free at Online Casinos

A clever way to learn how to play on a casino game without risking any of your own cash is to launch the game in the free play mode, which is also known as the demo mode or the practice mode. Not all casinos have this mode available and many have even discontinued this free play mode (such as bet365 casino and betfred casino), but it still exists at most online casinos.

To launch a game in this mode, you may need to sign out of your gaming account and then try to launch the game while you are logged out. This means that you will be playing as a guest and you will be given X amount of free ‘fun’ chips to use on the game. When this fun balance reaches zero, it might top up automatically, or you may have to just refresh the page to reset the balance to its original amount again.

Apart from progressive jackpot games, all other casino games are generally available in this free play mode. You could play blackjack, roulette, baccarat or even try your hand at craps. That’s the great thing about the free play mode. You could play on game that you wouldn’t normally play on with your own hard-earned cash, so this free play mode is a great way to experience new games with absolutely no risk.

Although no real cash prizes can be won rom this practice mode, you can have just as much fun on your favourite game and equally as much fun trying out new games. You could also practice new strategies that can be used when you next play in the real cash mode. It’s much more risky trying out new techniques or strategies when you are playing with your own cash.

Microgaming casinos, realtime gaming casinos, wms gaming casinos, netent casinos and many playtech casinos allow registered (and occasionally non-registered members) to play in this free play mode. This particular game mode can give you a glimpse of what the casino has to offer in terms of games, but more importantly, playing in this free play mode should hopefully give you the confidence to advance to the real cash mode and play for real prizes.