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Posts From September, 2015

Massive Shift In Online Gambling

Added: September 29, 2015

Massive as in being so utterly and completely disruptive that this shift will rewrite the rules of online gambling sites and online casinos all over the globe. This shift is being triggered by a recent move by none other than PayPal. You know PayPal of course, the huge payments processing company.

For the record, PayPal has not accepted payments for online gambling in the United States since way back in 2003. You may not remember that was about the time when there were new laws and rules that were enacted about online gambling transactions. Plus, that was back when PayPal ...

Crumbling Walls For Online Gambling Opponents?

Added: September 21, 2015

Consider the premise that it is undeniably true that online gambling and online sports betting have risen to mainstream awareness. And not just awareness, mind you. As a matter of fact, for quite a large number of people around the world there is at least a tacit endorsement of the idea of legalized online gambling.

Now take the above premise on one hand. Now add yet another undeniably true modern reality; that of state governments scrounging around for additional sources of revenue. For whatever reason or perhaps no reason at all, it is not at all uncommon for state legislators ...

Online Gambling Around The Globe

Added: September 14, 2015

Naturally you hear all sorts of stuff about the status of online casinos and online gambling from various websites and such. Yet, as you might well expect what you see and read on one site may be completely contradicted on another website. Which leaves the question of how to really get a handle on what is really going on with online casinos and such around the world?

Perhaps one good source to turn for a more unbiased look is a reputable news source. In this case, take a look at a recent story published in the Economist. As you probably ...

Straight Talk At Last About Online Gambling

Added: September 7, 2015

Maybe this is finally showing up because the United States is in the beginning stages of the next Presidential election. Or perhaps it is happening because some folks are finally willing to take the time to actually examine the issue in detail. Whatever the reason or perhaps for no reason at all, there are some fresh and lively conversations going on about the topic of online casinos and legalizing online gambling.

Nowhere is this more apparent than in the State of Pennsylvania. You see, at this very moment the state legislature is hard at work. This time around, the Pennsylvania ...