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Online Gambling In Lieu Of Tax Increase?

Added: March 30, 2015

It goes without saying that nobody wants to be hit with yet another tax or fee by the government. It really does not even matter what sort of story the local politician attempts to paint for his constituents, the reality is that most everyone despises even the thought more taxes. But the will of the people be damned is what the governor of Pennsylvania seems to be saying to his residents. Sure he has come out on record that a tax increase is desperately needed to plug a hole in the state budget.

Yeah, okay whatever. But instead of trying ...

Should Online Gambling Sites Offer Cashback?

Added: March 23, 2015

Seriously, think about it for even a little bit and you may find yourself scratching your head and wondering why not? Why not, indeed? Oddly enough, you don’t have to look very far in traditional and even online retail markets to find some sort of cash back promotions. Yet online casinos and online gambling or sports betting sites in general? Not so much.

Yet that may be about to change. At least if Gambling Deals has anything to say about the matter. Spotting an opportunity that is just waiting for someone to notice and grab ahold of, the founder ...

Adding Automatic 25% To Your Bankroll

Added: March 16, 2015

You may have seen the online casino site that goes by the name of BETAT. BETAT has established itself as one of the go to online casino sites out there. In large part this is due to BETAT’s choice game selections. These are considered by many in the online gambling world to be groundbreaking video slots. Get this: BETAT did not settle for simply choosing one online casino game software development company and calling it a day.

No indeed, BETAT took the extra time and effort to bring in the best video slot machine games from both Microgaming and ...

Another New Online Casino For New Jersey

Added: March 9, 2015

This just in. Another new online casino was just given the final Okay to begin operations in New Jersey. If you have been following along with the goings on in the online casino industry you already know that the state of New Jersey has been at the forefont of online casinos and online gambling in the United States.

Here is what this is all about. From the city of Altantic City, an existing land based casino with the name Atlantic City’s Resort Casino Hotel just received the approval they had been seeking for quite some time. The last hurdle ...

Chaos And Turmoil For European Online Gaming Industry

Added: March 2, 2015

At least that is what it looks like at first glance. Yet, if you take just a moment to examine this situation a bit closer, you may well conclude this is actually exactly what the online gambling industry really needs after all.

First; what is going on here? In the off chance you missed the headline news that flashed across the bottom of your screen, this is all about new rules that are suddenly hitting online gambling operators in and around Europe. Although, truth be told, this should not really be such a surprise. After all, each and everyone of ...