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Case Study: Online Casinos and Mobile Apps

Added: Aug. 12, 2013

As if the incredible rise in the popularity of online casinos wasn’t enough, now there are more and more people who prefer to play on the go. In other words, they prefer to access their favorite online casino through the devices they already carry with them, their Iphone, their Ipad, or Android device.

Interestingly, here is a real world case study that clearly illustrates how accessing an online casino through a mobile device can actually be hugely profitable. This story originates in London, U.K. There, a certain Lynn Y. found herself back in the hospital, yet again. You see, Lynn has been battling an illness that has been with her for some time. Anyway, the point is this: Lynn found herself with some downtime and looked for something to do to occupy her time. Naturally, her first thought was to pick up her Smartphone and head over to her favorite online casino. It turns out that Lynn is an avid slots player. She even devises her own winning strategies. Well, it seems that Lynn was “right on” during a recent stay in the hospital. During a furious bout of online slot playing, she ended up $3,100 ahead. Wow! Congratulations Lynn. When asked to explain her success, Lynn would only say that she thoroughly enjoys all her favorite online casino games and especially appreciates being able to access them from her Smartphone.

Further investigations revealed that Lynn was spending her time over at Here are some intriguing things to know about Slotland. This innovative online casino is of the NO DOWNLOAD type. As you already know, some people just aren’t comfortable downloading software from anyone. Even better, Slotland touts the fact that their online casinos aren’t JAVA based. In other words, you will experience stunning graphics, just as if you are standing in a land based casino. But, you won’t be subject to those frustrating browser crashes when the Java code and your browser stop talking with each other in a nice way.

You may also be interested to learn that Slotland has a certified 98% payout rate. As far as the money, how much is there for you? How about this? Each and every one of their games is tied into their Progressive Jackpot. This means you can enjoy any online casino game you want, and each and every play gets credited to the progressive jackpot.

Bottom line: Online casinos are already here now like those found at British Columbia Online Casinos. They are enjoyed by thousands worldwide. Now, the next obvious step is bringing the online casino experience to the device in your pocket as some innovative casinos such as Slotland are already doing.