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Posts From April, 2017

Online Casino Tech Upgrade Protects Players

Added: April 24, 2017

If you are any sort of fan of online casino action at all, chances are you are least familiar with online gambling site terms and conditions that specify the rules and regulations for wagering, deposits, withdrawals and such. Yet, the reality is that quite a number of online casino players merely glance over this sort of thing, even when asked to agree to those Terms to sign up for online casino action.

The result is that a number of online casino players completely miss language that specifies in detail how wagering under bonus conditions is supposed to proceed. You see ...

Unexpected Endorsement Of Online Gambling?

Added: April 17, 2017

As you already know, the topic of legal online gambling is noticeably more popular since the arrival of the New Administration in the form of President Trump. The topic of legal online gambling sites is now being actively debated in locations that were previously not so enamored with the concept. One such location is none other than the state of Texas.

You may be familiar with an oft heard saying down in Texas that goes something like “…everything is bigger in Texas…”. If that is even close to being true, a new debate that suddenly popped up in the Texas ...

Unexpected Online Gambling Bill Shows Up

Added: April 10, 2017

In a rather surprising bit of a news, a new Bill addressing legal online gambling sites only recently made its appearance. Shockingly to many industry observers this newly proposed legislation, HB 3067 to be exact, was presented in a West Virginia legislative session. That’s right, HB 3067 is a West Virgina Bill to legalize online gambling action.

As you probably know, the state of West Virginia is not often considered a hotbed of gambling site debates one way or the other. Nevertheless, this Bill is most definitely for real. For the record, note that HB 3067 is sponsored by ...

Astounding Consensus Regarding Legal Online Casino Action

Added: April 3, 2017

Sometimes it seems as if the name Sheldon Adelson is more like the proverbial bad penny. As in, it never seems to go away. Yes, Sheldon Adelson is yet again making news in the legal online casino world. However, this time around the news turns out to be rather good. At least for proponents of legal online casino action in the United States.

Recall that Sheldon Adelson, the Chairman and CEO of the Las Vegas Sands Corporation out in Nevada has been on a personal mission since way back in 2013. His stated mission is to do whatever it takes ...