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Posts From August, 2016

New Ruling Could Rewrite Rules For Online Casino Action

Added: August 29, 2016

This comes from the U.K. As you, the U.K. is an oft looked to example of how to go about legal online casino action the right way. Recall that not so long ago U.K. legislators made the studied decision to go ahead and legalize online casino action and online gambling sites for residents of the U.K. Since then, online casino action has continued to grow in the U.K.

More importantly, these legal online casinos provide a clear value to online casino players as well as much appreciated tax and fee revenue to the government. Since ...

New Online Casino Technology Proves Viable

Added: August 22, 2016

By this point in time you are well accustomed to the seemingly unstoppable pace of new technology announcements. Of course you know that none other than Facebook only just recently rolled out the Facebook Live service, a prime example of new technology that very well may end up having profound effects on all sorts of industries. Recall that the Facebook Live service lets you share live video with your friends and followers on Facebook.

So what does Facebook Live have to do with online gambling and online casino action? Before answering that, step back for a moment and recall your ...

Does A Casino Tax Make Sense?

Added: August 15, 2016

That is the question of the moment that only just recently started being asked. Asked by lawmakers from the state of Pennsylvania, that is. Here’s what this is all about. You may already know that like quite a few other states around the U.S., the Pennsylvania legislature has been scrambling recently to fill a rather gaping hole in the state budget. How big a hole are we talking about here? Would you believe that the State of Pennsylvania is about $1Billion short? Yes, that is Billion with a big ‘B’.

You won’t be surprised at all to ...

Breakthrough For Online Gambling Action?

Added: August 8, 2016

Perhaps; that is most definitely one way to view what looks to be a complete turnaround, albeit a bit limited in scope. Here is what this is all about: the Rio Olympics. Yes, that Rio Olympics, the topic of the day, the week and truth be told for the past few months. But what does the Rio Olympics have to do with a breakthrough in online gambling, especially in the United States?

Start with what is new. Maybe you saw this ground breaking news story or then again perhaps you did not. Get this: for the first time in sixteen ...

Online Casino Technology You Will Want To Understand

Added: August 1, 2016

As you must have noticed, the pace of technological change as of late seems to be accelerating at such a rate that it sometimes seems as if it is difficult, if not impossible to keep up. That being said, if you are any sort of fan of online casino action at all, you will definitely want to understand a new trend in the online casino world. This new trend is about a shift in payment technologies and methods.

Of course you are probably well aware that today, the typical online gambling site you visit is using payment and deposit methods ...