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Posts From February, 2015

Renewed Push For Online Gambling In U.S.

Added: February 23, 2015

This time, the action is showing up in the halls of the state legislature of Minnesota. Yes, Minnesota, not exactly the hotbed of online gambling or sports betting activity. All the same, a forward thinking state Representative is coming on strong and making a stand for her cause, a change in the law that she believes is way past due to be approved.

Here is what this all about. The state legislator who is making this stand is none other than State Representative Phyliss Kahn. If you do not hail from the state of Minnesota you may not be so ...

He’s Back! Down With Online Gambling

Added: February 16, 2015

This tale is starting to look like more and more like a horror film from Hollywood. Would you believe that Sheldon Adelson is at it yet again? Yes, that Sheldon Adelson, the land based casino mogul who just so happens to be the CEO of Las Vegas Sands Corp. The very same Sheldon Adelson who publicly declared that he was prepared to spend any amount of money necessary to have his way.

If you recall, having his way in Adelson’s world is nothing less than a complete reversal of online gambling in the United States. Not only does Sheldon ...

No Retreat, No Surrender For Online Gambling Opponent

Added: February 9, 2015

Just when you might have been thinking the skies were clearing and online gambling might be on the edge of being legalized, even partially in the United States, it happens. News of a new push by the opposing team if you will.

Certainly you recall the antics of one of the staunchest opponents of online gambling legalization in the United States. Yes, that opponent, the same person who vowed to spend any amount necessary to overturn existing online gambling legislation as well as turn back the clock on the legal online casinos that are already operating.

Yes, the character by ...

Is The Increase In Italian Online Casino Use A Sign?

Added: February 2, 2015

A sign of good things to come for online casino operators? Perhaps so. Let’s take a look at what is going on here so you can decide for yourself. As you may or may not know the state of online gambling in Italy has been something of an enigma as of late. Recall that as far back as 2007, Italy completely upended the world of online poker.

At the time, Italian authorities made it clear to everyone involved that Italian players must be clearly separated from international online poker players. Some have even referred to this move in derogatory ...