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Will Dirty Politics Set The Course Of Online Gambling?

Added: May 30, 2016

That is a question you may well want to seriously consider, especially now that the U.S. is in an extremely contentious presidential election. Here’s is what going on, but take care, you may well want to hold your nose before you wade into this cesspool.

You will not be surprised at all to hear that the infamous Sheldon Adelson is at yet again. You certainly recall that Sheldon has been spearheading a personal campaign against any further expansion of online casino action in the United States. Side note: if you are not up to to speed on Sheldon ...

Online Gambling Coming Of Age

Added: May 23, 2016

As in becoming a mature industry, as in taking the necessary steps to be part of the normal and expected business responsibilities inherent in ordinary business dealings. This latest news in the online casino world comes from the U.K. Actually, the UK Gambling Commission (UKGC).

What is new is that the UKGC has been working on a set of new rules and regulations for the licensed online casino operators in the country. These new rules are clearly aimed at thwarting any sort of crime associated with online gambling. As you have probably noticed over the past few years, the ...

Case Closed: Online Casino Debate Is Over

Added: May 16, 2016

Whether you are a frequent visitor to your favorite online gambling site or only hang out on occasion at an online casino or two, you must have noticed that there has been quite a bit of back and forth about whether or not online gambling sites are here to stay. On one hand you have the proponents of online gambling sites that are quick to point out all of the advantages of online casinos. At the same time, those that have taken up contrary positions argue, sometimes vehemently against any further expansion of online casinos around the world.

Thankfully, there ...

Skilled Based Online Slots?

Added: May 9, 2016

You can be excused if you haven’t paid much attention to what may turn out to be game changer in the world of online gambling sites and even land based casinos for that matter. What with all of the current year election rhetoric flying back and forth at a furious pace, some news stories don’t receive as much media attention as they might in other times. Yet as you will soon discover, the current debate that is showing up in various locations around the United States with respect to so-called skill based games could have far reaching effects ...

Online Gambling To Increase Revenue And Create Jobs

Added: May 2, 2016

As odd as it may at first appear, that headline is exactly what some forward thinking legislators are stating. Interestingly, this proactive online casino stance is originating in the state of Michigan. Not exactly a hotbed of online gambling site activity to be sure. Nevertheless, no less than five state senators from Michigan have put their names on the line with a new bill they only just recently unveiled. This new online gambling site legalization bill is SB889. Even more interesting is the name selected for SB889. Get this: SB889 is officially known as the Lawful Internet Gaming Act.

That ...