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Online Blackjack

Blackjack is possibly the most popular card game in the world. This Vegas-style card game can now be found at every reputable online casino today and it is usually available in both the real cash mode and in the free play mode. Many online casinos also now provide one or more progressive jackpot blackjack games.

This game is easy to learn and this reason alone is possibly what makes it such a popular attraction at both land-based casinos and at online casinos. The idea is to play against the dealer (also known as the house) and you must try to beat the dealers hand by reaching as close to 21 as possible using the cards that are dealt to you.

You and the dealer (and any other players who have paid for a hand) will start with two cards. One of the dealer’s cards will be face up, so that everyone can see it and the other card will be dealt face down. It will be your turn to act first, the dealer always acts last. Your options will be to hit, double or stand, which basically means that you can take additional cards or stick with what you have.

If you stand, it means that you are happy with your hand and it will move onto the next player or the dealer, depending on how many players are in the game.

An ace is worth either 1 point or 11 points. The Jack, Queen and King are worth 10 points and the remaining cards are all worth their face value. The best possible hand is 21, so if you are dealt a 10 and an Ace on the first hand, you will have achieved the best hand, known as ‘Natural Blackjack’ (10 + 11 = 21 points).

If the dealer can’t match your hand, or better your hand, you will win double your money. In fact, if you win with a natural blackjack you will receive odds of 3:2. Therefore if you bet $5 on the hand, you will receive a total of $12.50 ($7.50 in winnings), instead of just $5.00 winnings. If you are unsure about how to play this game, either launch it in the free play mode for a few hands, or take a few minutes to familiarise yourself with the rules.