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Party Casino Makes Headline News with Mobile Casino App

Added: Aug. 19, 2013

Do you need any more evidence that mobile online casinos’ are the next big thing with online gambling? Here, check this out. In case you missed it, Party Casino made headline news just recently with their mobile casino app.

The details are fascinating and encouraging for all online gamblers who prefer to reach for their Smartphone instead of traipsing over to a land based casino. Who knows, one day you might be telling your grandkids stories about how you used actually stop what you were doing, and get in the car, bus or train and actually travel to get to a casino. Don’t be surprised if they look back at you skeptically. Imagine trying to explain to your grandkids why anyone would want to go to the hassle of going to a casino when the casino is right there in your pocket.

Anyway, back to our lucky guy that was innocently passing the time at his home. It turns out he was simply enjoying a few rounds at the mobile casino site available from Party Casino. It seems he was playing the five reel Melon Madness online slot machine game. Then, he had an incredible stroke of good fortune. He hit the big one. Literally, that’s what Party Casino calls their jackpot, the Big One Colossal Cash jackpot. That day, this lucky 50 year old walked away with a massive £1,448,150 jackpot.

Get this, all from his Smartphone. It sort puts a whole new light on carrying around a Smartphone doesn’t it? This jackpot was so large it set a new world’s record for winnings from a mobile online casino.

Party Casino also made headline news not too long ago with another lucky mobile online casino world record. At the time, a lucky winner took home the sizable jackpot of £866,000. Representatives from Party Casino were not all that surprised. They are quick to point out that Party Casino has already created 23 instant millionaires.

In fact, Party Casino Games Director Golan Shaked sees it as par for the course (to use a golfing metaphor). He goes on to remind everyone that Party Casino is investing enormous amounts of time, energy and money in engineering the very best mobile online casino possible. Golan goes on to say how pleased he is that players are not only enjoying, but actually winning and winning big with the games available at Party City. To read a full and detailed review of Party Casino and what they offer we suggest clicking here to visit and read the full review featured on their site.