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Posts From May, 2014

How About A New Twist For Online Casino Action?

Added: May 26, 2014

Have you heard the latest news coming to us from Sweden, of all places? It turns out that a new and innovative online casino company is releasing a online casino option that some would call a game changer. Noting that many online casinos are starting to look and feel the same, the founder of this new company, Georg Westin, chose a entirely new approach through his company, Casino Saga.

Casino Saga decided to focus on providing online casino players with a more exciting experience. To do this, Casino Saga was built from the ground up with an embedded story line ...

Another State Says Show Me The Money

Added: May 19, 2014

You might have expected this all along. When the state coffers are empty but the government employees and suppliers keep expecting to get paid you know the politicians look for ways to generate some fast cash. Not surprisingly, nowadays many such states are eyeballing online casinos and online gambling as a source of revenue.

The latest state to go down this path is none other than the state of Pennsylvania. This state has a huge hole to fill, as in a $1Billion dollar budget shortfall. Yes, that’s billion with a big ‘B’. It is unclear if Governor Tom Corbett ...

Civil War Part 2?

Added: May 12, 2014

That’s not too far off if you have been paying attention to the latest news coming to us from the steps of Capitol Hill in Washington. This time, representatives from New Jersey took their message straight to Washington.

In so many words, these New Jersey politicians were standing up and proclaiming that online gambling within the United States is actually a ‘state’s rights’ issue and that Congress should keep their meddling hands off.

As you already know, none other than Sheldon Adelson is waging a virtual war to completely ban all forms of online gambling in the United ...

Meet the New Player At SkyVegas

Added: May 5, 2014

Of course you are already familiar with the name Net Entertainment. Net Entertainment is a giant in the online casino world, a premier developer and supplier of online casino games and software.

At the same time, you may or may not be so familiar with the name SkyVegas. But that is not because SkyVegas is a new kid on the block. No, quite the contrary, SkyVegas has been around since 2007. Since then, SkyVegas has gone on to continue to upgrade their offerings in order to provide the very best online gambling experience possible.

In a recent announcement, Net Entertainment ...