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Smackdown! Gloves Come Off In Fight To Legalize U.S. Online Gambling

Added: January 27, 2014

In one corner we have the leading contender, none other than the infamous Sheldon Adelson. You have to know who Adelson is, he is a whopper among big busines magnates. Sheldon is currently the chairman and CEO of the Las Vegas Sands Corporation which just so happens to be the parent corporation operating The Ventian Resort Hotel Casino as well as the more famous Sands Expo and Convention Center. These casino properties, as you know, are a land based operations.

If you have been following along with the seemingly never ending drama in the United States with the start and ...

BlackJack on Steroids?

Added: January 20, 2014

Maybe so, just check out this latest news in the online gambling world. As you know, one of the most popular table games, both in online casinos and land-based casinos continues to be BlackJack. To satisfy the demand from online casino players to make their BlackJack gameplay even more exciting and thrilling, sone online casinos are going the extra mile and adding in new features.

For example, one variant on the standard BlackJack gameplay is the immensely popular online casino game called Blackjack Switch. This takeoff from the regular Blackjack game was patented by developer Geoff Hall back in 2009 ...

Big Money Vs Big Players, Who Wins?

Added: January 13, 2014

It is too soon to tell of course, but the battle, no let’s call it a war now to bring online casinos to the average American citizen has gotten a lot more heated lately. As you already know, the push for online casinos in the United States has been a tale of hits and misses.

On one hand there is the ill-fated Unlawful Internet Gambling Enforcement Act (UIGEA) passed by Congress back in 2006. Not long after, the United States Justice Department backed down from its previous position that all forms of online gambling were illegal. That retreat by ...

The People Have Spoken, Now Bring It On

Added: January 6, 2014

As you already know, the journey towards full legalization of online gambling in the United States has been a long and winding road. To add to the drama, keep in mind that the political structure in the United States is essentially a two-party system. The two parties, the Democrats and the Republicans often find themselves at opposite ends of the issues at hand.

Yet, all of the normal political bickering and nitpicking aside, it is becoming ever more clearer that the people, that is the Citizens of the United States are for online gambling.

Check this out. Overall, their research ...