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Posts From December, 2014

Kentucky Senator Says No To Electronic Devices

Added: December 29, 2014

In what could arguably be called a strange turn of events, a Senator in the state of Kentucky has made headline news with his latest ploy. Here’s what this is all about: as you know, the status of online gambling in the United States is literally all over the map. Some states like New Jersey have already proved the concept of legalized and well regulated online casinos can and do work. In fact, even now there are other states such as California, Pennsylvania and more actively debating legalizing online gambling. In other words, the trend was starting to look ...

Sheldon Adelson Smackdown!

Added: December 22, 2014

Well almost. As you know, Sheldon Adelson has been on a crusade to effectively bring back Prohibition, at least as far as online casinos and online gambling are concerned. Recall that he stood up on his bully pulpit in 2013 and very publicly vowed to spend any amount necessary to not only prohibit any further expansion of online casinos in the U.S. but to also outlaw the online casino operators already operating.

True to his promise, Sheldon Adelson has been spending buckets of money to support his cause. Money offered up as campaign contributions for candidates to support his ...

Do As I Say, Not As I Do!

Added: December 15, 2014

Or so seems to be the message from one of the most vocal opponents of the expansion of online casinos in the United States. By now you are most likely up to speed on what’s going on in the United States with respect to allowing more online gambling operations. Some have even begun to refer to this seemingly never ending back and forth saga as the War to End All Wars.

As you probably know, on one side of the aisle are those that want to liberalize federal law and actually make online casinos legal throughout the United States ...

Progressive Jackpots With Free Falls?

Added: December 8, 2014

Why not? Before getting into that, take a step back so you can get a handle on what this is all about. You have, of course heard of Net Entertainment. Net Entertainment is considered a premium provider of the best in online casino gaming software. You will find Net Entertainment Software installed in leading online casinos all over the world.

You are also most likely up to speed on progressive jackpots offered at some online casino sites. Recall that a progressive jackpot increases the value of the jackpot over time as each game is played up until there is a ...

Raising The Bar

Added: December 1, 2014

As you probably know, the Internet is awash in online casino sites. Each of them claims to be the best, to offer the outstanding online casino experiences, the latest games, and so on and so on. After a while it all starts to sound like so much noise, does it not? Yet, all that being said, you also know there are some proven brand names in the online gambling space. Names you know and names you trust. Names that even if you haven't been there yourself, you know from talking to others its a good online casino site. One ...