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Posts From July, 2014

Coming Together At Last?

Added: July 28, 2014

Maybe yes, maybe no. However, signs are looking up all over the European Union as far as online casinos and online gambling are concerned. In a recent news release, the European Commission made it clear that they recognize the growing popularity of online gambling. The Commission issued a set of recommendations to address online casinos and online gambling throughout all of the member states.

This news can be considered extraordinary for the online gambling industry. Consider that as of right now, there is no cohesive set of rules or regulations for the 28 member states. The result, as you might ...

Harvard Medical School Says Don’t Worry About It

Added: July 21, 2014

Although there was certainly no fanfare attached to a series of studies by none other than Harvard Medical School, one would think proponents of online gambling would have been dancing in the streets.

Here’s what’s going on. As you probably know, the status of online gambling varies all over the world. Some countries are all for it, some countries are dead set against it, while still other countries are doing it sort of half way (like the United States for example).

Those that are opposing the expansion of online gambling sound like the proverbial Chicken Littles. These opponents ...

Coming Out Party: Tivoli Casino

Added: July 14, 2014

Alert the Presses. 117 Year old company has thrown their hat into the online casino ring. You may have heard the name Tivoli Gardens if you have been in or around Europe at all. Tivoli Gardens is an amusement park headquartered in Denmark that was founded way back in 1843. Since then, Tivoli Gardens has become an extremely popular travel destination for millions of international visitors.

What’s important to note is the Tivoli Gardens also has created Tivoli Casino which has turned out to be a wildly popular online casino in the Netherlands. Seeing the popularity of Tivoli Casino ...

New Jersey Thumbs Nose At Supreme Court Justices

Added: July 7, 2014

Did you see the news this week coming from the United States Supreme Court? The highest court in the nation basically said “get outta here” with that nonsense. The court was referring to the appeal filed by the Governor Chris Christie.

This appeal was an attempt by New Jersey to allow sports betting. The legal team for New Jersey based their argument on a constitutionality issue. In other words, New Jersey claimed the federal law banning Internet gambling and sport betting in particular was in fact against the United States Constitution.

More specifically, New Jersey made the case, or more ...