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Posts From January, 2015

Hot New Online Slot Action

Added: January 26, 2015

Just in time for the the new year, there are not one, but two new exciting online slots for online casino players to check out. These new video slots are arriving from Amaya Gaming. As you probably know, Amaya Gaming is an online gambling company that is headquartered in Canada.

Amaya Gaming made headline news last year when they agreed to acquire the parent company of PokerStars and Full Tilt Poker for a massive $4.9 Billion. The point for you to get here is that Amaya Gaming is no small player in the online casino and online gambling space ...

Set Up For Federal Legalization Of Online Sports Betting

Added: January 19, 2015

That is the word coming from the great state of Indiana. As you may remember from last year, the state of online gambling in the United States has been an up and down affair. On hand you have progressive states like New Jersey who are literally pushing the envelope and trying to bring in online casinos, sports betting and most everything else. On the other hand you have the naysayers, the one who follow the gospel according to Sheldon Adelson who proclaim that any expansion of online casino activity is a very bad idea.

So with that in mind, it ...

Winning A Jackpot From Yesterday’s Play

Added: January 12, 2015

Certainly you are most likely up to speed on online slots and video slots. As you know, one of the really attractive features of online slot machine games is the whole idea of the progressive jackpot. Just to be sure everyone is on the same page here recall what a progressive jackpot is and how it works. A progressive jackpot is essentially a pileup of winnings, aka a “jackpot” for any sort of gaming machine (but most often applied to online slots). This pileup of winnings is actually increased each and every time any player plays a game. This process ...

Will Greed Stifle The Growth Of Online Gambling?

Added: January 5, 2015

Naturally this sort of question could trigger endless hours of debate. Yet if you have been paying attention as of late you may be starting to worry about the state of sports betting and online gambling in general. You see, as with any sort of activity like sports betting or even online casino action there is at least some level of trust involved.

For example, suppose you show up at your favorite online casino. You happily open up your wallet and deposit some of your hard earned money into your account so you can engage in some real money play ...