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Live Dealer Play - Is it live or is it…?

Added: Aug. 26, 2013

It can be live. Online casinos with live dealers, that is. You already know all about “real casinos” where you walk in and there are live dealers at the game tables offering up a welcome smile. But how about online casinos? Are there any other options aside from the virtual card games? Actually, yes there are. Some innovative online casinos offer the option of playing online with LIVE Dealers. And, this could turn out to be the next big thing in online casinos.

What is a live dealer casino? A live dealer casino is pretty much what it sounds like. It’s an online casino that offers some version of a live dealer. Some online casinos even provide the option of choosing a male or female dealer, depending on your personal taste and preferences.

How does it work? Currently, online casinos with live dealers operate in one of two ways. One way that online casinos provide live dealers is by providing a mock studio. You can refer to this method as a live dealer studio. In the studio, there are professionally trained dealers and croupiers. Typically, the action from these studios is broadcast 24/7.

The other way that online casinos provide live dealer action is from an existing real land based casino. There are broadcast feeds direct from the casino. But here is a key point to understand with this method. You don’t really get to play yourself. Instead, you have the option of placing bets on games being played by real customers in the moment.

Should you or shouldn’t you? Of course, this is a matter of personal preference. Some online casino players prefer live dealer casinos for a couple of reasons. Some players don’t really trust virtual casinos and their certified random number generator odds. These players feel that a live dealer casino offers more realistic odds. Also, some online casino players feel that having the presence of a live dealer makes the game more realistic, more exciting to be a part of, and generally just more fun to play.

Bottom line: what does all of this mean? Is this a new blossoming trend in the online casino world? Will online casinos with virtual dealers soon be a faint memory? Of course, it is too early to forecast any sort of scenario like that. As you have seen, the online casino industry keeps showing up with ever more exciting enhancements and improvements. Either way, it may be very well worth your while to check out an online casino that offers live dealer play.