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Posts From September, 2013

Finally A Break For The Little Guy?

Added: September 30, 2013

Perhaps, let’s take a closer look, a look at bonuses and how some bonus systems may be excluding some want-to-be online casino players.

This is all about the sign up bonuses offered to new online casino players. You have probably seen, in fact it would be very hard to miss, the welcome to our site offers from various online casino and online gambling websites out there. Yet have you noticed an interesting pattern to these bonuses? In case you haven’t figured this out, its almost a pay to play bonus system.

In other words, a large majority of ...

What’s Going On With All Slots Casino?

Added: September 23, 2013

Just in case you missed it, All Slots Casino is turning heads all over the U.K. From seemingly out of nowhere, all of a sudden, the mobile app from All Slots casino has jumped up into the coveted top five spot for casino games.

What’s the big deal here? Perhaps it will be more clear once you take a moment to stop and reflect what it means to make that list. The rise of the All Slots Casino in one sense reflects a good sign. That sign is a ever growing popularity in the online casino app playing ...

Is Your Wallet Being Squeezed by What You Don’t Know?

Added: September 16, 2013

Before you answer, you may very well want to take a look at some startling results recently released. These study results, from what some consider to be the granddaddy of all things gambling, the Nevada Gaming commission, reveal some facts about gambling behavior and player strategies that apply to both land based casinos and online casinos.

What are these findings? Sad to say, but this study seems to point out a distinct lack of real knowledge of how casinos and gambling operations actually work. According to the report, a fairly high percentage of casino players seem to have very little ...

Hold Your Breath or Hold Your Nose?

Added: September 9, 2013

What’s the latest in the online casino world? Perhaps the most momentous event since the invention of the Internet is scheduled to occur Tuesday, Sep 10. On this day, the European Parliament is scheduled to hold a vote on licensing and regulating online casinos as well as online gambling throughout the member states.

As you probably know, the official seat of the European Parliament is in Strasbourg, France. All eyes will be on France for the final outcome. You too may want to pay attention to the results of this vote. At this time, it is not clear which ...

House of Cards Falls Down

Added: September 2, 2013

You have most likely witnessed younger children taking ordinary playing cards and building little houses. Of course, eventually one false move and the whole house of cards comes tumbling down.

Perhaps you won’t be surprised to learn that a very similar situation is happening in the online gambling market in the United States. As you know, despite federal laws specifically prohibiting online gambling at the national level, quite a few states have taken matters into their own hands and legalized online casinos and online gambling within their own borders. The state of Delaware is the most recent addition to ...