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Posts From February, 2017

New Push For Online Gambling In The U.S.

Added: February 27, 2017

In a bit of good news for fans of online gambling action, there are no less than three states actively contemplating some sort of legalized online gambling action. Whether this is the result of a newfound optimism or an acceptance that online casino players will find a way to enjoy online gambling sites legalized or not.

So here is what this is all about. The states of New York, Michigan and even South Carolina all have introduced various legislation to their respective legislative bodies. Taking a closer look at the details reveals some rather interesting details.

Take for example the ...

Online Gambling Talk Of The Town

Added: February 20, 2017

Truth be told, there looks to be a newfound interest in online gambling action all across the country. And not just from the online casino players themselves. No indeed. Instead, right about now when state legislatures are reconvening for new sessions there are some rather hot items on many legislative agendas.

Get this, not only are there planned sessions to debate the merits of the legalization of daily fantasy sports betting in its many forms, there is also a rather sizable interest being expressed with respect to the legalization of online sports betting.

First, a quick review of the successes ...

Election Results In New Interest In Gambling

Added: February 13, 2017

Get this, in a state that is not exactly the hotbed of gambling or casino action by any stretch of the imagination, there looks to be a new attitude towards gambling. That state is none other than South Carolina. As of this writing, the only gambling action to speak of in the entire state are two boats that are based in the world famous Myrtle Beach area. For the record, take note of the fact that these two gambling boats which do in fact offer a full bevy of Las Vegas style casino games, must first traverse a three mile ...

Could There Be A New Leader In Legal Casino Action In The U.S?

Added: February 6, 2017

It turns out that quite a number of in the know online gambling industry observers are keeping a rather close eye on the state of New York. Why so, what is going on in New York with respect to online gambling? With all of the media noise and attention on the election that surprised quite a number of supposed experts you might have missed the stories on what is happening in New York.

Following is what you should know. New York may in fact be the next state to go all the way, to legalize online casino action and online ...