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Online Casino Tech Upgrade Protects Players

Added: April 24, 2017

If you are any sort of fan of online casino action at all, chances are you are least familiar with online gambling site terms and conditions that specify the rules and regulations for wagering, deposits, withdrawals and such. Yet, the reality is that quite a number of online casino players merely glance over this sort of thing, even when asked to agree to those Terms to sign up for online casino action.

The result is that a number of online casino players completely miss language that specifies in detail how wagering under bonus conditions is supposed to proceed. You see, the fact of the matter is that the majority of online gambling sites impose wagering restrictions that apply to the bonus wagering rounds. This restriction clearly states that there is a limit imposed on the size of the wager for the bonus round. Unfortunately, most online casino players barely glance at the Terms and Conditions, much less pay close attention to Bonus Round Wagering Restrictions.

The problem arises when the online casino player exceeds the wagering restriction. Exceeding the wagering restriction, whether intentional or not, means the round is canceled and the online casino player is left rather unhappy, to say the least. You see, in the majority of online gambling sites out there, it is way to easy to simply click on the MaxBet Button without even thinking about wagering restrictions.

That being said, a clever new technical implementation that stops this sort of thing is now available from SoftSwiss. This new feature is designed to allow limits to be put in place for the sizes of the wagers for casino players. Once implemented, this tech fix warns the player should the size of the wager exceed the wagering limit for that round.

This shows up as an Error Message displayed to the player. With the warning displayed, this allows the casino player to adjust the size of the wager for that round. Naturally, this protects the player from attempting wagers that may be too high. Best of all, this system does not rely on the casino player even knowing the details of the Terms and Conditions with respect to wagering limits.

Although this sort of tech fix may seem to be a common sense and perhaps even logical approach, the fact of the matter is that as of this writing, SoftSwiss is one of the few online casino platforms to have such a feature. That being said, you can most likely expect to see more of this sort of thing. After all, the online casino operator wants the player to enjoy the online gambling experience.