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Unexpected Endorsement Of Online Gambling?

Added: April 17, 2017

As you already know, the topic of legal online gambling is noticeably more popular since the arrival of the New Administration in the form of President Trump. The topic of legal online gambling sites is now being actively debated in locations that were previously not so enamored with the concept. One such location is none other than the state of Texas.

You may be familiar with an oft heard saying down in Texas that goes something like “…everything is bigger in Texas…”. If that is even close to being true, a new debate that suddenly popped up in the Texas legislature could have widespread effects. For the record, the current legislative debate is all about the topic of fantasy sports betting.

To properly understand the possible ramifications of this debate you should understand the nature of the Texas population. The fact of the matter is that Texas is home to millions of sports fans as well as a number of professional teams such as the Dallas Cowboys and the Texas Rangers.

With this in mind, two Texas legislators took the time to draft a Bill, HB 1457 to be exact. As currently worded, HB 1457 will definitively legalize fantasy sports betting in Texas. Pay attention to the premise of the Bill. According to State Representative Richard Raymond and State Senator Lois Kolkhorst fantasy sports betting is without question a game of skill.

The two point out that fantasy sports betting fans have to start the process by paying a fee. Then the fantasy teams must be create the teams in the sport of their choice. As the season progresses, points are earned for the fantasy team’s performance. At the end of the week, the players with the highest scores receive prize money. In other words, quite a lot of skill goes into fantasy sports betting.

Note that HB 1457 clearly defines fantasy sports as a competition. More to the point, the Bill also notes that fantasy sports is a bona fide contest for the determination of the skill of the participant in assembling a fictional team of sports athletes.

So what does this mean for online gambling in general? When you take a look at the size of the fantasy sports betting fan base in Texas, it would be rather surprising if HB 1457 does not make it all the way through.

The bigger question is what then? If online fantasy sports betting is legalized in Texas does that foretell the eventual loosening of current restrictions on online casinos and online gambling sites?