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Unfair Competition In Online Gambling?

Added: March 27, 2017

There is a relatively new question that is making its way in and around the online gambling world. The question is about competition or more to the point, what could best be described as “fair competition”. Following is what this is all about.

You are certainly aware of the incredible advances in technology over the past few decades. One such advance that is turning heads all over the online gambling world is that of so-called artificial intelligence. In other words, will there come a day when the computers and more importantly the software behind your favorite online casino games reach a state where the competition from such technology is unbeatable.

At the same time, as you probably know one concern experienced by quite a number of online casino players is whether or not they have any realistic chances of winning. This is especially true for such casino games as Poker. Keep in mind that the game of Poker is widely viewed as a game of skill in stark contrast to other popular online casino games such as slot machine games which are supposedly completely random.

So what is the new concern in the online gambling world? This issue was outlined in a recent article in none other than “Bloomberg Technology”. In this article, the author outlined a new quest from researchers in the Artificial Intelligence (AI) field to definitively prove beyond a shadow of doubt that the best human players can be bested by AI.

Note that as of this writing, researchers in both Canada as well as the Czech Republic have clearly demonstrated the possibility of this sort of thing. These researchers set up matches between professional Poker players and AI to compete in one on one games of no-limit Texas Hold’em Poker. The results show without a doubt that AI clearly was able to best the professional Poker players.

For the record, to better understand the complexity faced by the AI software take a look at the number of possible hand combinations. According to researchers, the number of possible play paths works out to be something like a number with no less than 160 zeros behind. In other words, unlike other games where the computer can be programmed with all possible combinations, Texas No Limit hold’em has too many combinations for that sort of approach.

The point of all this is that it looks as if AI has the upper hand so to speak. Which of course raises a very profound question for everyone in the online gambling industry. The question of how will AI change the online casino world that you know today?