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New Online Casino Technology Proves Viable

Added: Aug. 22, 2016

By this point in time you are well accustomed to the seemingly unstoppable pace of new technology announcements. Of course you know that none other than Facebook only just recently rolled out the Facebook Live service, a prime example of new technology that very well may end up having profound effects on all sorts of industries. Recall that the Facebook Live service lets you share live video with your friends and followers on Facebook.

So what does Facebook Live have to do with online gambling and online casino action? Before answering that, step back for a moment and recall your most recent online casino experience. Now think about the online casino itself. Have you noticed that nowadays more than a few online casino sites are all starting to look the same?

At the same time, understand that the online gambling sites that offer live dealer services offer you a whole different level of online gambling experience. As good as modern online casino games are today, the fact of the matter is that live dealer action at any online gambling site really is the next best thing to being there.

With that in mind, now take a closer look at the Facebook Live service. Talk about a perfect venue to offer live dealer option! And understand, this is not just some theorizing about how Facebook Live could provide live dealer action. Not at all. As a matter of fact, only just recently an online casino site that focuses on the Vietnam online casino playing audience did exactly that.

For the record, this was done from the Facebook fan page named Co Bac Vip (VIP Gambling). This fan page recently live streamed a 45 minute video of an online gambling live dealer playing the wildly popular Vietmanese xoc dia games. Pay attention to the fact that this video was replayed in a loop all day long and ended up attracting no less than 54,000 views.

Now do understand that the reality in Vietnam is that online casino action is specifically prohibited. That being said, pay attention to the fact that the live stream dealer action included links to an online gambling site by the the name of

The big question that is most likely on the tip of your tongue is whether this is a one time demonstration or is the the sign of things to come. Will Facebook Live become the method of choice for online casino players wanting some live dealer action?