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Competition Heating Up For Online Casinos

Added: Aug. 3, 2015

At least that is one conclusion you could draw from the latest happenings over in New Jersey. Recall that New Jersey is one of the very states in the United States that actually has some form of legalized online casino action available. So when word comes out that there is yet another new online casino about to open their virtual doors, well that could be a sign. A sign of a couple of things.

First the fact that there is another online gambling operator vying to get a piece of the New Jersey online casino action most likely is a sign that there is an expectation of a growing and thriving online casino player base to target. Think about it this way. Understand that opening a new online casino is no small feat anywhere, much less a location such as the state of New Jersey where the Department of Gaming Enforcement has strict standards and rules.

Yes, it is true. There is actually another possibility, however remote. Perhaps this new operator is hoping to provide such a superior online gambling experience that it hopes to siphon away a significant portion of the online casino players that enjoy other online casinos in New Jersey. So yes, this is certainly a possibility, but that would hardly make for a good business plan in most cases. More likely, this new entrant into the New Jersey online casino space is planning on a bit of both. That is to say, to gather up new online casino players from a growing market as well as to draw existing online casino players from exiting online gambling sites.

For the record, this new online casino is to be named the MoheganSunCasino. MoheganSunCasino is setup as a joint venture between the Mohegan Tribal Gaming Authority along with New Jersey’s Resorts Casino Hotel. Note that the Mohegan Tribal Gaming Authority also operates the Pennsylvania based Mohegan Sun Pocono as well as Connecticut based Mohegan Sun.

Speaking out about this new venture, the President of the Mohegan Tribal Gaming Authority went on record to express that the Tribal Gaming Authority is very excited to launch this new online casino. He went on to point out that the intention is to turn MoheganSunCasino into a premier online destination.

Well there you go. Another new online casino about to open its doors in New Jersey. If nothing else, you could say this is a sign of a growing market.