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Coming Out Party: Tivoli Casino

Added: July 14, 2014

Alert the Presses. 117 Year old company has thrown their hat into the online casino ring. You may have heard the name Tivoli Gardens if you have been in or around Europe at all. Tivoli Gardens is an amusement park headquartered in Denmark that was founded way back in 1843. Since then, Tivoli Gardens has become an extremely popular travel destination for millions of international visitors.

What’s important to note is the Tivoli Gardens also has created Tivoli Casino which has turned out to be a wildly popular online casino in the Netherlands. Seeing the popularity of Tivoli Casino and the seemingly insatiable demand for online gambling experiences, the owners of Tivoli Gardens and Tivoli Casino decided to take a very bold step. They decided to release an English version of Tivoli Casino.

Company spokespersons point out that the aim of Tivoli Casino is to take the lessons learned from the 117 years of history with Tivoli Gardens and combine it with the thrill and excitement of an active online casino. If you take a look at Tivoli Casino you will see that many of the available online casino games are based upon famous Danish folklore. For example, there is a, unique to Tivoli Casino, special progressive jackpot which is all about the “Tinderbox”, a world famous fairly tale written by none other than the 19th century Danish author Hans Christian Anderson.

At this time, Tivoli Casino boasts an impressive variety of online casino games, 140 and counting. Not only that, the team at Tivoli Casino made sure to deploy the very best in online casino software. You will find all of the best online casino software development companies represented here. You will recognize names such as Micogaming, Net Entertainment, Ply’N’Go as well as NYX. But even that wasn’t quite enough for this 117 year old company.

Tivoli Casino also added in their own unique online progressive jackpots such as the online slot machine game Tivoli Bonanza. An interesting fact about the Tivoli Bonanza slot is that it offers up four different jackpots which substantially increases your chances of walking away with more money in your wallet.

Of course, as you might well expect with such a venerable name, Tivoli Casino makes sure that the highest security standards are met or exceeded. Additionally, taking a cue from lessons learned with Tivoli Gardens, the customer service standards are superb.

All in all, it looks as if Tivoli Casino is about to set a new standard in the online casino world.