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Startling Revelation About Mobile Online Casinos

Added: March 21, 2016

As you probably know, the Smartphone has morphed into the favorite device for just about everything you would want to do online. Naturally, online casino players are following this trend, heading to their favorite online casino gambling site with their Smartphone. Yet as you will soon discover, that online casino experience may not even be close to what the online casino player was expecting.

That is the conclusion from what looks to be a startling report about the world of mobile online casino gambling sites. You should take note that this study and accompanying report was conducted by none other than the Jumio. If you don’t recognize the name Jumio, here is what you need to know. Jumio is a company with a decided focus on authentication and verification of Identification information. Think such items as passports, drivers licenses, internet transactions and even mobile online transactions.

Jumio set out to better understand the world of mobile online casino operators. The results from Jumio’s research should be a wake-up call to online casino operators all over the world. You see, Jumio identified a clear and what could quite justifiably labeled a disturbing pattern. Get this: Jumio found an undeniable pattern of mobile online casino abandonment.

That’s right, outright abandonment. As you might well imagine, this is not good news at all for online casino operators. Consider that quite a number of the best online casino operators invest considerable resources in promoting their online gambling sites. Even worse, there are the name brand online casino sites out there that have established very favorable reputations as one of the better online casino sites, at least as experienced in the desktop version of the online gambling site.

In both cases mentioned above, all of the promotion expenses and good will from successful online casino sites are essentially wasted when the mobile online casino does not deliver as promised.

According to Jumio, there are two identifiable reasons that mobile online casinos sites experience such a high gambling site abandonment. The first of the mobile online casino abandonment issues is that of lengthy online casino registration processes. In a day and age when just about everyone is quite busy, few online casino players have the patience for a burdensome registration process.

The second issue with online casino abandonment is experienced during the real money deposit phase. Once again, busy online casino will not tolerate lengthy or too hard to figure out deposit plans.

According to Jumio, the mobile online casino abandonment is a serious issue and deserves the attention of those online gambling site operators that want to stay in the game.