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Spain Makes World Headline News Again

Added: Nov. 17, 2014

As you know, online casinos and online gambling operators are growing in popularity around the world. With that in mind, it will come as no surprise to you to learn that the country of Spain is putting out the red carpet. At least for a little while, that is. You see, in Spain there has been some grumbling by existing online gambling operators that the rules and regulations concerning so called ‘product inventory’ are just too restrictive.

Whether its from these complaints, from the government of Spain looking to add more revenue to the state coffers or something else entirely, the fact is that Spain is opening up its market. Not in a huge way, mind you. This new opening really only lasts till through the first week of December of this year. During this time period, the country’s gambling regulator, La Direccion General de Ordenacion del Juego (DGOJ) has let on that it wants to bring new operators into the country’s online gambling marketplace.

During this narrow window of opportunity, some pundits that monitor the online gambling industry speculate that Spain could bring in an additional ten to twelve new online casino operators. Also, it is important to note that the DGOJ wants new applicants to understand that the process of evaluating and then issuing new online casino licenses could take as along as six months.

In addition to all of that, the DGOJ also released another tidbit of good news with this latest announcement. In no uncertain terms, the DGOJ made it clear that it would in fact approve betting exchanges as well as online slot machine games by licensed gambling operators. In a final note, the DGOJ wanted to be sure that everyone understands that the staff at the DGOJ will need around six months or so to implement these new updates to the current rules and regulations.

All of the government speak aside, you can see this is really all about yet another country jumping on board. The rise of the Internet and a seemingly insatiable appetite for online casino action is prompting many former holdouts to change direction. Governments are slowly but surely recognizing that the world has changed and what used to work no longer applies. Nowadays governments around the world are rushing to authorize and then setup methods to regulate (read tax) these new online casinos.