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Progressive Jackpots With Free Falls?

Added: Dec. 8, 2014

Why not? Before getting into that, take a step back so you can get a handle on what this is all about. You have, of course heard of Net Entertainment. Net Entertainment is considered a premium provider of the best in online casino gaming software. You will find Net Entertainment Software installed in leading online casinos all over the world.

You are also most likely up to speed on progressive jackpots offered at some online casino sites. Recall that a progressive jackpot increases the value of the jackpot over time as each game is played up until there is a winner. Nowadays, with online casino technology, many online casino games are linked together, sometimes from different locations. Progressive jackpots are exciting to play because the size of the eventual win can be stunning.

So with all of that being said, it should come as no surprise to you that Net Entertainment is on the edge of releasing an exciting new online casino game that has progressive jackpot engineered in from the beginning. This new game is actually an online slot machine game with the name of Cosmic Fortune.

Cosmic Fortune is a 5 reel progressive jackpot online slots game with 15 paylines available. In addition, there are a total of 5 different jackpot levels plus 2 bonus games. Cosmic Fortune, as the name suggests is based on a cosmic (think outer space) theme. During your gameplay, you will encounter robots, aliens (of course!) along with other space-themed symbols.

Interestingly, Cosmic Fortune includes the now famous avalanche feature. The avalanche feature has made its appearance in games such as Gonzo’s Quest. It works by holding a particular row or reel in place while at the same time allowing other reels to disappear. At the moment the other reels disappear from your view, you have a second unplanned opportunity to win another payout

The gameplay with Cosmic Fortune is more of a Pachinko-styled online slots game. If you look closely, you will see there are jackpot pods stashed below the coin pods. Your mission is to either collect the coin pods or to hit a target at least three times. Succeeding with either one of these means you win one of the 5 possible jackpots. Note that of these 5 jackpots, 3 of them are progressive jackpots, meaning the final winning amount can be significant.

One more feature you will want to pay attention to is Free Falls. Free Falls is actually a bonus game with the same Pachinko-styled play. With Free Falls, there is a space man character who is busily dropping silver balls that are aimed at both planets and pins.

All in all, it looks like Net Entertainment has done it again; they delivered yet another exciting new online casino game.