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Online Gambling Smackdown?

Added: Nov. 16, 2015

You might have noticed that as of late there has been a lot of talk back and forth about the legalization of online gambling. When you consider the fact the U.S. is but in the earliest stages of what looks to be a contentious election year this all make sense. Interestingly, the latest to weigh in on the matter turns out to be a college professor from Illinois.

This comes from John Warren Kindt, a University of Illinois professor emeritus of business and legal policy. According to Kindt, who is a staunch and unwavering opponent of gambling, fantasy sports are most definitely gambling. That is how this issue is being played out.

Recall that this year has seen a virtual explosion of fantasy sports betting. Incredibly daily fantasy sports betting has grown wildly popular, seemingly overnight. But the issue, the arguing point if you will is how fantasy sports betting is classified.

You see the position taken by those who support daily online fantasy sports bets is that the activity is not gambling at all. Consequently any existing laws on the books that would prohibit online gambling don’t really apply. The argument is that fantasy sports is a game of skill and therefore should not be considered gambling.

That’s where the State of Illinois comes in. Only just recently, a bill was introduced by none other than Illinois state Rep. Mike Zalewski to regulated fantasy sports. According to Zalewski, the legislation will more clearly define daily fantasy sports.

But here is the part that has so many online gambling operators excited. The bill put forth by Zalewski would be worded such that daily fantasy sports are not considered gambling or sports betting. Wow! Do you see what a complete turnaround this actually could turn out to be?

Imagine legalized online daily fantasy sports betting activities in a conservative state such as Illinois. Keep in mind that Illinois has a fair share of gambling opponents such as Professor Kindt and the like. Naturally, it is too early in the game to determine whether this bill has any possibility of making it through the legislative process or not.

All the same, you can well imagine this is being watched closely on both sides of the aisle. If the Zalewski bill actually passes despite the protests of the likes such as professor Kindt, that could very well pave the way for other states to adopt the same sort of definitions. In other words, this could be the beginning phase of even more legalized online sports betting activities around the country.