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New Online Gambling Platorm

Added: April 25, 2016

Truth be told, you pretty much had to see this one coming. The new online gambling platform, that is. In this case, the not so terribly new online gambling platform is the natural result of a few factors. First up, understand that as rapidly as online casino action seems to be growing around the world, the fact of the matter is that there still remains what can be best be described as stumbling blocks that remain in place. The indisputable fact is that these stumbling blocks are one reason that online casino action has not grown even faster.

What are these online gambling site stumbling blocks? The most predominant stumbling block is that of an acceptable payment and withdrawal methodology that is both safe and inexpensive. Beyond walking up to a land based casino and handing over cash, all of the other payment and deposit methods extract some sort of processing fee. As you might well expect, these transaction fees vary widely based on the payment method, the actual country involved and other factors. Worse still, in certain places around the world, some modern payment methods are not even available. So that is one factor.

Another stumbling back to more widespread adoption of online casino action is the actual or perceived lack of privacy at online gambling sites. The fact of the matter is that there are number of would be online gambling site visitors that shy away because of privacy concerns. For whatever reason or perhaps for no reason at all, some folks just don’t want others to know about their online gambling site visit.

So those are the two largest stumbling blocks to increased online casino action. However, what is new are a combination of factors that look to rewrite the rules on online gambling as it known today.

The first of these factors is the incredible pace of modern technological innovation. From a novelty item just a few short years ago, today’s smartphone is a must have item. The second of these factors is the growing acceptance of alternative payment technologies.

You may not yet realize this, but the newest alternative payment method called Bitcoin is fast becoming a better choice. When you take note of the fact that Bitcoin payments are less expensive in terms of transaction fees and then remember that Bitcoin transactions are for the most part anonymous, you can readily understand how the online gambling world is about to change in a big way.