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Mudslinging Or Return To The Nanny State?

Added: Feb. 24, 2014

Of course you have heard the news about how the push for and the pushback against online gambling within the United States is getting increasingly adversarial. On the one hand you have the proponents proudly pointing to the success stories like the state of New Jersey, Delaware and Las Vegas online gambling operatons. At the same time, you have opponents standing up on their bully pulpits and loudly denouncing online gambling proclaiming that its the beginning of the end for civilized society and other such rhetoric.

Actually, the opposition to legalization of online gambling in the United States has become so contentious that there is an online video making its way around the Internet attempting to persuade those that are undecided to write their U.S. Congress and urge them to squash any legislation that makes it way to them to legalize online gambling. In one such film, the implicit message is that there are online Poker sites with real ties to Al-Queda and that further legalization will only allow them to fund another 9-11.

Except that turns out to be, shall we say, a stretch of the imagination. A little digging around turns up the truth that the real owner of the company behind this video turns out to be the Coalition to Stop Internet Gambling. Although the name by itself sounds innocent enough, the truth is that this organization was setup by none other than the most vocal opponent in the U.S. against online gambling.

Yes, none other than the famed Sheldon Adelson. Yes, the same Sheldon Adelson who is the chairman and CEO of Las Vegas Sands which happens to own the Venetian, a land based casino right there on the famed Las Vegas Strip. Not only that, but Mr. Adelson also has a huge land based casino business on the other side of the world in Maccau.

In other words, it is clear that Adelson has gone on the attack mode. If you recall, earlier in 2013, he vowed to spend any amount necessary in order to defeat online gambling approval in the United States. And if this recent video is any guide, it looks like Mr. Adelson is certainly willing to create quite the sensation and bring in half truths and suggestions to play on fears and concerns of ordinary Americans.

What’s next for online gambling? Is this going to turn into a free for all fight to the end? Stay tuned as this issue continues to get even more interesting by the day.