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Groundbreaking New Online Gambling Deal

Added: March 31, 2014

Perhaps you have already heard the news about the game changing announcement just recently from QuickFire. Although QuickFire may not yet be a household name, their latest offering will certainly put them on the map.

Here is a little bit of background to start with. QuickFire is a platform powered by none other than Playtech Software. Throughout their history, QuickFire has been a key insider, delivering Microgaming online casino games to independent online casino operators. Also, QuickFire has, on occasion provided what is called third party content to Microgaming online casinos.

But this latest pronouncement promises to upend the sports betting world. Here is what is going on: Quickfire is teaming up with Real Sports Global. This new deal will bring the best of sports gambling content to more than 100 additional operators.

Here are the details: its all about the 5050Sports. In case you were not aware, 5050Sports is an innovative casino games provider. The unique feature with 5050Sports is your ability to place wagers on the outcomes of exclusively-licensed archive sports footage. There’s more. With this new arrangement, Real Sports is bringing in some big name hosts.

For example, the football version of 5050 Sports is being hosted by none other than striker Michael Owen. You must remember Michael Owen. He represented England as well as clubs such as Liverpool, Real Madrid and Manchester United.

With the initial rollout of this deal, players will be able to place wagers on video highlights from England and Brazil internationals as well as the FA Cup. Not only that, 5050Sports is making this offering available in 2 formats. There is the full game version and there is a mini-game version. Better still for the online bettor, 5050Sports is making this deal available in multiple languages and multiple currencies.

The CEO of Real Sports Global and the acknowledged man behind 5050Sports, Stuart Carr, spoke about this new deal. In so many words he let it be known that this partnership with QuickFire is a big deal, in essence an endorsement of the product. He added that he is sure that QuickFire’s history of rapid integration, wide variety of new games constantly being updated along with their global integration puts 5050Sports in a perfect position at a key time. He was of course, referencing the upcoming FIFA World Cup in Brazil.

All in all, it looks to be a big win for all sides.