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Embracing The World?

Added: Nov. 24, 2014

Sure, why not? If you are keeping your eyes on the online gambling industry you have most likely encountered the name BETAT, as in BETAT Casino. BETAT Casino is one of the very few in the online gambling space that is making a concerted effort to establish a global brand.

Consider: BETAT Casino is one of the few online casino companies that has already setup multi-language support. In other words, BETAT Casino doesn't demand that their online casino fans speak and play in just one language. Not at all. Actually BETAT Casino is now available in six separate languages.

Right now, if you happen to speak Finnish, Greek, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish and English of course, there is a specialized BETAT Casino ready and waiting for you to play in your native language. But that is just the beginning of the future plans that BETAT Casino has for multiple language support. As soon as 2015, there will be additional languages added.

But that is just one of the many facets of BETAT Casino that so many online casino players find so enticing. Understanding that quite a few players are in fact looking to enjoy their online gambling at a mobile online casino, BETAT Casino is busily adding more mobile casino games. Understand that even now, BETAT Casino boasts almost 80 online casino games. At the moment, the majority of these mobile online casino games are online slot machine games. Yet, BETAT Casino is hard at work to enhance the mobile online casino experience and expects to add additional online casino games in the near future.

Something else you might want to know about BETAT Casino is how easy they are making the payment and deposit methods. Understanding that different countries may impose or restrict certain payment methods that would otherwise be found acceptable, BETAT Casino is adopting payment methods that appeal to more of an international audience.

As you might expect from an online casino operator with these ambitious plans for expansion, there is a growing number of online casino winners at BETAT Casino sites. For example, an online casino player from Canada just padded his wallet with an additional CA$186,000 playing the Gold Factory online casino game. Meanwhile another player across the ocean in the U.K. walked with a EU$32,000 prize after playing the Starburst game.

As you can see, BETAT Casino both aiming to be one of the top online casino operators out there in the internaational online gambling world and is also delivering a quality service at the same time.