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Coming Soon To An Online Casino Near You?

Added: March 10, 2014

Maybe. There is a new game in town (pun intended) and it could turn out to radically alter your online gaming experience. No, its not a new online casino, its not a new online slot machine game or any thing like that at all. Instead, the new kid on the block is an entirely new way to get into your online casino.

Take a step back for a minute and think about your normal online casino experience. You head over to your desktop or your smartphone, you pull up the site (or the app if your favorite online casino has an app for you to use) then comes the dreaded part. Yeah, the whole user name and password nightmare. What was that password again? You try to login multiple times because you forgot the password and all of a sudden you find yourself locked out for too many access attempts. And all of this frustration when you are only trying to get into the online casino.

Uggh, at this point, many people give up in frustration rather than calling the 800 number and requesting a password reset. Face it, many many people forget their user names and passwords. And as you may have experienced yourself first hand, just as many people forget their password hints too.

But what if there was a better way to get into your favorite online casino without having to remember a login name and password? Well, there is now a new company with cutting edge technology that could revolutionize the entire online casino world overnight.

This company is Facebanx. The cutting edge technology that Facebanx has pioneered uses a combination of the existing camera on your smartphone, Ipad or laptop along with the microphone on your device.

It works like this: the camera carefully inspects your facial image and compares it to a known good image. At that point, then the software asks you to repeat out loud four numbers that have been randomly generated. If both the facial image and your spoken replies match, you are in. Its that easy and that simple.

Company CEO, Matthew Silverstone proudly reports that this cutting edge software is incredibly accurate because it combines two separate biometric identifiers and blends them into one seamless experience. The company goes on to report that the software has a 98% accuracy rate.

Hmmm, 98% accuracy rate. The question of the day then is 98% good enough for online casinos and their online players? Or, will the market demand an even higher accuracy rate. Perhaps by the time that online casinos begin to adopt Facebanx, the software will be even more enhanced.