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Coming Soon To A TV Near You?

Added: Oct. 28, 2013

Maybe so. Here is what’s going on. Up to now you may not have seen too many television ads for online gambling or more specifically online casinos. The reasons for this could range from a lack of available budget for mass market advertising from smaller online casinos to a hesitancy to blast the name of an online casino out over mass media when the legality and availability of online gambling is still up in the air in many countries.

However, the tides may be shifting even now. A recent announcement from the U.K points to this change. Apparently, All Slots Casino is on the edge of launching an extensive television advertising campaign throughout the region. Spokesperson, David Brickman, the Vice President of Player Relations explains that the campaign is to show off all the great things All Slots Casino has to offer the online casino player.

You have most likely heard the name All Slots Casino in and around the online gambling world. All Slots Casino has been around the online casino gaming industry since way back in the year 2000. Thirteen years later, they loudly proclaim they are the biggest online slots casino in the entire world with an inventory of more than 200 online slot machine games along with a full selection of regular casino game favorites such as blackjack and roulette along with more interesting and esoteric game play choices. All told, All Slots offers more than 500 ways to enjoy online casino game play.

All that aside, what is this new television campaign all about anyway? Of course, any advertising campaign has a cost associated with it. The fact that All Slots Casino is confident enough in their site and more importantly confident enough in the regulatory environment speaks very loudly. If All Slots Casino, one of the major “players” in the online casino industry is willing to spend big money on a promotional campaign, that is something to notice. The unsaid message is that like it or not, tax it or not, online casinos are here to stay. And not only are online casinos here to stay, they are coming on strong and may soon displace their land based casinos.