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Better Than Free?

Added: Feb. 17, 2014

Is there something better than Free? Yes there is, if like a lucky player from the Netherlands, you are lucky enough to turn free into a million dollar jackpot.

You know the name Microgaming if you been around the online casino world for any length of time. Microgaming is a leading online gambling software provider. To date, they have released more than 600 online casino games. Lately, Microgaming has been focused on producing more online casino games for mobile devices.

Here is where this tale gets really interesting. As part of its new push into the mobile casino marketplace, Microgaming has offered various promotions or bonus plans to entice online casino players to give their mobile online casinos a try. One of these promotions turned out to be a $50.00 birthday voucher that ended up in the hands of an online casino player who goes by the moniker A.F.

The interesting thing about A.F is that he regularly plays his favorite online casino games at his desktop computer. Up until recently, A.F. had never really considered trying out a mobile online casino. The Free $50.00 voucher from Micrograming turned out to be just the ticket for him.

Why not? A.F. said to himself. At the time, one of his favorite games, Major Millions, had a jackpot at just over a million dollars. He was quoted as saying that he was using free money so he had nothing to lose. But apparently he had everything to gain. Not even 2 minutes into his online gameplay, A.F.’s world suddenly changed in a profound way.

Suddenly A.F. found his heart pounding, sweat breaking out over his forehead as he watched the reels suddenly burst into a flashing winning display along with the sound of loud winner bells clanging at the same time. Like many instant life changing winners, A.F. reported that he couldn’t believe it as it happened right there in front of him. When all the dust settled down, A.F. learned that he was the incredibly lucky winner of $1,009,402 on the progressive jackpot slot game Major Millions.

Wow! Major Millions is right. A.F. reported that he intends to buy himself a new home with his winning. Can you imagine a birthday gift like this? Remember A.F. was playing with free money from Microgaming. His free money led him over to give the mobile casino a spin and he walks away an instant millionaire. Apparently there is hope for everyone.