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All Eyes Are On The Prize

Added: Nov. 10, 2014

Or at least, that is what seems to be the takeaway from the most recent Mobile and Tablet Gambling Summit. This summit which took place on October 27 and 28 was all about where online gambling is headed. Interestingly, the location for this Summit turned out to be in Atlantic City, New Jersey. Although it is true that some of the land-based casinos have shall we say, seen a decrease in revenue, the online gambling operators in New Jersey are setting the example for the rest of the United States. Thus, perhaps the choice of venue for this Summit was chosen for exactly that reason.

As far as the Mobile and Tablet Gambling Summit, it was really all about where the online casino industry is headed. To that end, the Summit brought in a list of experts to examine the industry and discuss the changes going forward. As you might expect from the name of this Summit, in large part it was all about the consumer’s seemingly insatiable demand to put everything there in the palm of their hand through their favorite mobile device.

Accordingly, the entire online gambling industry is in the midst of what could be considered a new focus on mobile. The point was made clear to all attendees. The online casino player is no longer content to play his favorite online casino game at home (or even at work) on a desktop computer. The online world is going mobile and online gambling fans expect online casino operators to keep up.

And not just keep up, mind you. No, these consumers rightly expect the mobile online casino experience to be just as good, if not better than the online gambling experience they would experience with a desktop computer. In other words, the online casino player, the customer if you will, is demanding that online casino operators step up and deliver the online gambling games they way they want when they want it.

On another interesting note, at the Mobile and Tablet Gambling Summit, none other than Senator Raymond Lesniak from the New Jersey State Senate took the stage to address the attendees and offer his support. If you recall, it was Senator Lesniak who played a large part in making online gambling a reality in the State of New Jersey.

Yet all of this misses the one big point that came out of this conference. This is the expected growth of the online gambling industry. More than one speaker at the Mobile and Tablet Gambling Summit spoke about the prize. The prize of a $100 billion market by the year 2017. Yes, that’s billion with a big ‘B’. No wonder the attendees were so excited.