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Why Pennsylvania Online Gambling Sites Are More Likely To Be Successful

Added: Sept. 5, 2016

As you are probably aware, all signs point to yet another state in the U.S. embracing legal online casino action. All but a done deal. In fact, all eyes are on the state of Pennsylvania to finally ink the new law that will legalize online casino action. With that in mind, you may be interested to learn that the state of Pennsylvania has quite a number of advantages with the new legal online gambling sites. Advantages that clearly give Pennsylvania a leg up when it comes time to demonstrate the viability of legal online gambling sites.

Interestingly, Pennsylvania has to look no further than the state of New Jersey for these advantages. Keep in mind, that the state of New Jersey did much of the early work back in 2013 to prove the viability of legal online casino gambling sites. That is to say, that New Jersey did the hard work of figuring out all of the various processes involved in setting up a successful online casino.

These key processes include such items as determining a registration process that not only was consumer friendly but also followed the letter of the law. In this case, the New Jersey online casino laws include such items as disallowing minors to register, only offering registration to participants that are clearly identified within the borders of the state of New Jersey and that sort of thing.

Just as, if not more importantly, the state of New Jersey turned out to be something of a proving ground for payment and deposit technology and providers. Perhaps you remember some of the early mayhem that appeared when New Jersey opened the first online casino. Do you remember the controversy that was stirred up with the major credit card providers? When these legal online casinos first went live, quite a number of banks and other financial institutions flat out refused to process online casino transactions. Thankfully, many of those issues have finally been resolved.

Which leaves the state of Pennsylvania in a much better starting position than New Jersey faced back in 2013. Since in fact, New Jersey has already taken care of a lot of the preliminary work in proving the viability of online gambling sites, Pennsylvania can in one sense of the word, hit the ground running.

In other words, Pennsylvania can take the foundation that New Jersey painstakingly built to launch their online casino sites without having to experience the growing pains of a new industry. Perhaps Pennsylvania will even improve the process even more?