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Talk About A Game Changer In The Gambling World

Added: Oct. 12, 2015

Game changer as in disrupting both the land based and online casino industry. You may not be surprised when you learn this newcomer on the scene that is causing some much hand wringing is that of fantasy sports. More specifically that of daily fantasy sports betting.

Which you cannot help but have noticed over the last year or so. In no uncertain terms, the rise of daily fantasy sports betting has caught quite a few industry insiders by surprise. Consequently existing online casino sites and land based casino operators are scrambling to come up with a way to respond.

To really get a handle on this, all you really need do is to take a quick look at the amount of money that is now involved. Think big dollars. Consider, that not so long ago, the acknowledged two front runners in the daily fantasy sports betting space, DraftKings and FanDuel have already attracted $575 Million. Get this, that pile of money represents but what was received in July. Your takeaway, some powerful folks with big dollars to invest have spotted an opportunity and are now swooping in to grab a piece of the pie.

That and that alone will point to the problem that existing gambling operators (both online and land based) have with daily fantasy sports in general. To put it bluntly, these gambling operators are looking to make a case that it is just not fair.

The gambling operators are quick to point out that whether it is land based or online based such as found in the state of New Jersey, casino operations are heavily regulated by their respective authorities. At the same time, many of these same operators are specifically prohibited from sports betting activities of any sort.

Contrast that with the world of daily fantasy sports betting. Technically operating legally through a gray area in the United States rule book, daily fantasy sports betting sites are free of much of the restrictions placed on casinos of all sorts.

One such restriction can be seen in the world of advertising. Whereas daily fantasy sports betting sites are free to blanket the airwaves with enticing ads promising free play and wins of $1 Million every week, for casinos? Not so much. As stated above, because legal casinos, whether they are online or land based have specific restrictions on what they can or cannot do.

On the other hand, some have likened daily fantasy sports betting to the wild wild west where almost anything goes. Obviously this situation can’t go on much longer. Perhaps this sort of thing is exactly what is needed for the U.S. Congress to pull its collective head out of the sand and go ahead and legalize online gambling across the country.