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Smackdown: The People Say No Way!

Added: June 23, 2014

Did you hear the latest in the on again off again seemingly never ending battle to legalize or prohibit online gambling in the United States? You do remember that this battle has lately turned into an all out war with each side shoveling money to supporters on both sides of the issue. You might think, like Sheldon Adelson who publicly vowed to spend any amount necessary to outlaw online gambling in the United States, that throwing enough money at the problem will make it go away.

Unless it doesn’t that is. In a major election upset, an Adelson backed candidate was soundly defeated in a state primary. In this case, the state was Virginia and the primary was for the House of Representatives from Virginia’s influential 7th district. It is even more intriguing when you learn that the defeated candidate was in the fact the House Majority leader.

Ooops, guess that $10Million dollars worth of “contributions” through the year 2012 is money down the drain. Who stole the show and what does it mean for Adelson and his campaign to end online gambling as we know it in the United States.

This come from behind candidate hails from none other than the infamous Tea Party. His name is David Brat and as of now he is the GOP candidate for Virginia’s 7th district. Note that it is way too early to celebrate a victory on either side. Recognize that Mr. Brat has only put himself in the running the eventual election.

At any rate, Sheldon and his end it all campaign has been dealt a decisive blow. By the looks of things, the people of Virginia have spoken and made themselves clear. They are sick and tired of the same old same old. The people are ready for a change as evidenced by their election of a Tea Party candidate. Remember, as of right now the Tea Party is still a relative newcomer to the political arena.

The point is this. The people of Virginia have spoken loud and clear. Out with the old, is the message they issued to the candidates. With this is mind, perhaps this is the beginning of the end. Perhaps this is but the first of many signs that will be forthcoming as the United States edges closer and closer to the election year. Perhaps this is a sign of the final legalization of online gambling at the federal level.