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Signs Of The Times; Online Casino Operators Lining Up

Added: May 29, 2017

Perhaps you will not be surprised to learn that there are a number of “big name” online casino operators that are eager to tap into the New Jersey online gambling market. This makes sense when you remember that the state of New Jersey has proved to be an astounding online gambling success story.

In fact, year after year since the initial launch of legal online casino action back in 2013, the numbers have been steadily increasing. In other words, the New Jersey Department of Revenue is benefiting as are the New Jersey online casino players themselves.

Naturally, this sort of success story triggers interest from additional gambling site operators that want to tap into this market. Consider the sort of revenue numbers that are at the heart of this interest. In the 2015 fiscal year, the average New Jersey average monthly online gambling revenue was around $10 Million per month.

Get this, that monthly revenue is on track to rising to $20 Million per month. Now that you see the size of the gambling site revenue up for grabs you can understand the interest from other gambling site operators.

And do understand that the interest from these outside gambling site operators is increasing. Whereas in the years of 2015 and 2016 there were but two new entrants in the New Jersey online gambling market, already in 2017 there has been interest expressed by no less than three online casinos.

Take a look at the online casino operators that have indicated they intend to set up shop in New Jersey. The first such operator is none other than PlayMGM. For the record, note that PlayMGM has committed to a firm time frame of a third quarter 2017 launch. Obviously, PlayMGM has a brand name that is known around the world.

Another casino operator that is looking to get into the action is Ten Online Casino. For the record, you should note that this online casino is associated with an existing Atlantic City brick and mortar casino.

Lastly, there is Hard Rock online casino. Understand that at present, it is not clear if Hard Rock is fully committed to a New Jersey launch. Yet, that may turn out just to be a matter of timing. After all, Hard Rock has a firm commitment in place to renovating its brick and mortar gambling site along the Atlantic City boardwalk.

Bottom line, no less than three big names have expressed interest in entering the New Jersey online gambling market. That is a sure sign that the New Jersey online casino market is still on an upswing.