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Showing The Way For Online Casinos

Added: Dec. 9, 2013

You know that there has to be a first. At any point in history, some person, some company has to go out on limb, so to speak and blaze a trail for the rest. Well now it seems to be that All Slots Casino is our new ground breaking pioneer.

Take a look at what has been going on lately with online casinos and All Slots Casino. If you recall, just last month, All Slots laid it on the line with an innovative advertising campaign. And not just a regular advertising campaign that you might expect from an ordinary run of the mill online casino.

Nope. All Slots Casino went all the way. They blasted their message across the airwaves with a television campaign. Perhaps not surprisingly, this campaign has been extraordinarily successful. Some even herald the All Slots TV campaign as yet another milestone in the push to allow online gambling everywhere. These proponents of online gambling make the point that many online casino players from around the world are already enjoying the benefits of online casinos where they are legal.

Either way, let’s take a look at this campaign. What was it about the All Slots campaign that made it so very successful? Could it be the the amazing offer that came along with the TV campaign? In case you missed it, the campaign rolled out the red carpet for new online casino players. They offered any and all newcomers a generous welcome bonus of £33.

Not only that, if you happened to be hanging out in the Apple App store there in the U.K. you would have seen the newly updated All Slots Casino was right there waiting for your free download.

Ok, the welcome for new comers is great, but do any of these newcomers walk away with any extra money in their wallet? Spokespersons report that yes indeed, newcomers and old timers alike regularly walk away as winners. They cite the example of an online casino player who was playing the online casino game, Agent Jane Bonde on his smartphone and ended his game play £13,925 ahead.

But it didn’t stop there. Another newcomer, playing the wildly popular game Thunderstruck II video online slot machine game walked away with an additional 2,213.

The point is clear. The All Slots Casino TV campaign seems to be working for both the players and for All Slots. Even better, the new popularity may be bringing the full legalization of online casinos to a neighborhood near you.