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Safer Online Gambling?

Added: Nov. 9, 2015

Well why not? After all it is an undeniable fact that online casino action and online gambling in general is becoming increasingly popular. Naturally both proponents of online gambling as well as those that oppose online casino action would support just about anything that would curtail problem gambling.

As you might have noticed, those that most staunchly oppose the idea of online gambling are quick to point out the potential issues with so called problem gamblers. That being said, do recognize that as of now online gambling in and of itself has not been proven to increase the likeliehood of so called problem gambling. Nevertheless, some new research from a software company no less could herald a whole new discussion on online casino action.

This comes from the company by the name of BetBuddy. It turns out that BetBuddy worked with City University London to fine tune the computer algorithms used by BetBuddy. Interestingly, the BetBuddy system works as something of an early warning system. This early warning system works by notifying online gamblers in real time if and when their online casino action begins to show signs of turning into an addiction.

As you may already know, in the U.K. online gambling operators are required to include some sort of self exclusion option in their online gambling sites. According to Dr. Artur Garcez of City University London “the ain has been to help BetBuddy test and refine their system so that it gives providers an effective way of predicting at an earlier stage self-exclusion as well as other signal or events that indicate harm in gambling. This enable customers to use online gambling platforms more securely and responsibly”.

Well there you go. Straight from the Ciy University London no less. As Dr. Garcez points out it is all about enabling the online casino players themselves to use online gambling sites more responsibly. Do you see the shift here? Can you see the difference in this approach? In other words, unlike quite a few of the opponents of online gambling who are quick to stand up and loudly proclaim that online gambling is evil and should not be unleashed into the world, this approach recognizes that most people really don’t want or need someone else deciding what is right or wrong for them.

In other words, the BetBuddy system puts the responsibility right back where it belongs, in the hands of the online casino player.