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Progressive Jackpot Slots

Added: July 17, 2013

A Progressive Jackpot slot is a land-based or online slot machine which has no fixed top prize, but instead it has an accumulating prize pool. Progressive Jackpot slot machines can be found at almost every online casino today. They have accumulating prize pools. This basically means that they have no fixed top prize and the jackpots can therefore reach well into the millions.

A progressive jackpot slot machine is generally only available in the real cash mode and a small percentage of each stake wagered on a progressive slot is always added to the main prize pool.

Some progressive jackpot slots can be found at more than one online casino and the wider the network of casinos that a progressive jackpot is connected to, the larger the prizes can be.

For example, a Microgaming slot called Mega Moolah can be found in more than 150 different online casinos, which means that thousands, if not millions, of players are all adding to the pot on a daily basis. This reason alone is why some pots can climb so high in such a short period of time.

Progressive jackpots slots have what is called a ‘seed’ amount and for some slots, this seed amount starts from $/£1,000,000, but for some progressive slots this seed amount could start from as little as $/£10.00. The jackpot will never drop below its seed amount.

You should also find that some progressive slots have more than one progressive jackpot to play for. Playtech’s Marvel Multi level jackpot games for example always have four different progressive jackpots up for grabs and it states in the paytable that the higher your stake, the greater your chances of being able to scoop the largest jackpot will be.