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Outstanding Online Gambling Success Story

Added: May 1, 2017

You are most likely well acquainted with the story of New Jersey and the state’s unwavering commitment to bring legal online casino action to state residents. Recall back in late 2012 into 2013 it was none other than “my way or the highway” Governor Chris Cristie that made online gambling a reality for New Jersey.

You probably recall all of the naysayers back then that were quite quick to stand up and denounce this action. Remember that even brick and mortar casinos were not so enamored of the whole idea. Yet, take a look at the story in New Jersey today.

The story that quite clearly lays out the truth about legal online casino action. Better still, the truth about legal online gambling sites in a state with existing land based or brick and mortar gambling sites. Recall that one of the early criticisms still touted today by some naysayers is that legal online casinos will siphon away customers from the brick and mortar casinos.

Of course you know that is not even close to being the reality, least of all in New Jersey. As a matter of fact, the real truth is that New Jersey online gambling sites have demonstrated is that the online casinos actually bring in new casino customers, folks who may not have even considered walking into a brick and mortar casino until they tried out the gameplay at the online casino. Note that under New Jersey law, legal online casinos must have some sort of relationship with an existing brick and mortar casino.

But get this, the story in New Jersey with respect to casino action is even better than before. How so? How about about a record shattering gaming revenue report from March. This report, issued by the New Jersey Department of Gaming Enforcement, shows that online gaming revenue shattered the $20 Million barrier, ($21.7 Million to be exact).

Get this: that record breaking monthly gaming revenue number increased despite the fact that online poker dropped 8.5% from the previous month. In terms of the actual casino game breakdown, note that online casino games (mainly online slot machine games) increased by an incredible 49.4% to $19.5 Million.

Matt Levinson, chairman of the Casino Control Commission had this to say: “Every month should be as good as March was…Slot win, table game win and internet gaming were all up last month”.

Bottom line: New Jersey is yet again proving to be an outstanding example of how to do legal online casino action the right way. For those states that are debating the legalization of online casino action, New Jersey is most definitely a model to follow.