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Added: Feb. 20, 2017

Truth be told, there looks to be a newfound interest in online gambling action all across the country. And not just from the online casino players themselves. No indeed. Instead, right about now when state legislatures are reconvening for new sessions there are some rather hot items on many legislative agendas.

Get this, not only are there planned sessions to debate the merits of the legalization of daily fantasy sports betting in its many forms, there is also a rather sizable interest being expressed with respect to the legalization of online sports betting.

First, a quick review of the successes from the past year. Are you aware of the fact that no less than 33 states engaged in active debates around the topic of daily fantasy sports (DFS)? Incredibly, of those 33 states, even in the midst of a contentious election year like none other in recent memory there were no less than 8 states that enacted daily fantasy sports legislation.

vNow that the new year has arrived and legislators are back to work, there are already another eight states looking to enact similar legalization measures. Those states included Florida, Indiana, Mississippi, Missouri, Montana, Nebraska, Oregon, and Washington. There’s more.

vQuite a number of industry observers in the know fully expect both Pennsylvania and Ohio. As you might expect, these two states have sizable populations and the daily fantasy sports (DFS) industry is eagerly anticipating new sports betting fans.

vMeanwhile, the online gambling state that has become the defacto model of how to do this sort of thing the right way, New Jersey is pushing hard at none other than the United States Supreme Court to allow online sports betting to residents of New Jersey.

vAll things considered, from a new year to a newly elected U.S. President and supportive U.S. Congress it would seem as if this could turn out to be a banner year for the passage of increased legal online casino across the country. Naturally all eyes are on the President and the Congress, especially during the so-called first one hundred days.

vCould this finally be the year when the legalization of online gambling and online casino action finally reaches the point of no return? The point where the number of states with legislation supporting online gambling and online casinos becomes the majority and not the minority? Stay tuned as this looks to be an exciting year for the online gambling industry