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Online Gambling Revenue Instead Of New Taxes

Added: April 27, 2015

At least that is what quite a few residents from the state of Pennsylvania seem to be suggesting. Consider: the state of Pennsylvania could certainly use some revenue coming into the state coffers. Especially at a time when tax revenues seem to be falling a bit short but the expenses just keep piling up.

As you may have noticed, the state governor, Tom Wolfe is doing his best to make up for a massive $2.3Billion dollar shortfall in the budget. Can you say deficit with a capital ‘D’? Not surprisingly, the only thing that Wolfe has brought to the table at this point is more tax increases. But seriously, when is enough going to be enough? Does Governor Wolfe even consider the idea that maybe, just maybe the state residents of Pennsylvania are sick and tired of seemingly never ending tax increases? Could there be another solution that that Governor has not bothered to consider as of yet?

Of course there is a better way. Truthfully, at this point in the game it is pretty much a no-brainer. Wake up Governor Wolfe. It’s time to go ahead and put your big boy pants on and do the right thing. What is the right thing? Legalize online gambling of course.

As you probably already know, Pennsylvania has an existing land based casino in place. At the same time, the truth is that the revenue at these Pennsylvania land casinos have been dropping as of late. Yet, instead of saying that is a sign that Pennsylvania can’t really count on gambling revenue, what if this issue was looked at from a different perspective?

What if Pennsylvania followed the example of New Jersey and legalized online gambling but did so in such a way that any new online casinos must be tied into existing or possibly future land based casinos? In other words, provide a means for the state to bring in additional revenue without comprising any existing casino industry.

Thankfully, somebody in Pennsylvania is actually paying attention and is taking the first steps to do just that. It turns out the Chairman of the State House’s Gaming Oversight Committee is willing to make a stand. The Chairman is proposing that online gambling finally be legalized in Pennsylvania. Note that not much longer after that proposal, yet another legislator introduced a bill that would only legalize online poker.

Whatever. At least somebody in Pennsylvania is awake and aware of the opportunities that legalized online gambling could provide. It will be interesting to watch and see how Pennsylvania plays this one out.