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Online Gambling Naysayers Proven Wrong Again

Added: Nov. 7, 2016

Of course you are most likely well aware that there are those detractors or those that are staunchly opposed to legal online gambling. These naysayers have little, if anything good to say about online casino action per se. Yet, at this point in time, the evidence is starting to pile up. So much so, that nowadays the tired old arguments against the legal online casino industry are started to look a bit dated and not even applicable anymore.

Consider the example of the state of New Jersey. As you probably, New Jersey has become sort of a test case in the United States with respect to legal online gambling activities. Recall that back in the year 2013, the “my way or the highway” governor Chris Cristie who helped push through legislation to bring legal online casinos to New Jersey residents.

Since then, despite the warnings and and protests of those opposed to legal online casino action, the end result is that at the end of the day, legal online gambling in New Jersey really is the proverbial ‘win win’. How so? Consider: on one hand, those New Jersey residents that were already venturing to offshore online casino operators to enjoy online gambling activities now can enjoy legal online casinos anywhere within the state. One side benefit of these legal online casino operators is that each and every one of them has been subjected to the strict vetting process of the New Jersey Department of Gaming Enforcement.

At the same time, as you might well expect, the state of New Jersey also benefits from these legal online gambling sites. Most importantly, New Jersey is bringing in additional much needed revenue to the state Treasury. It turns out that the reported revenue from legal online casino action continues to rise. Get this: the revenue from these legal online gambling operators has grown every month since they were first set up. For example, take a look at the year over year numbers just for the month of September. The online casino revenue grew an impressive 35% to $16.2Million in September 2016 compared to $12Million in September 2015.

The point to take away here is that the state of New Jersey is as of now, much more than a test case or a proving ground for legal online casino action in the United States. Without question, New Jersey can now be considered as a model to copy for other states seriously considering the legalization of online casinos.